Back in August, we brought you the news that Japanese online foodies were going crazy over a new and unusual flavor combination. Apparently, eating mozzarella cheese along with sliced peaches and a touch of pepper makes for a delicious taste sensation. At the time, we thought this was just one of those weird internet foodie fads that you might try once just to see what the fuss is all about, before discarding in favor of more tried-and-tested snack options. So imagine our surprise to find that food company Nabisco has decided to roll with the mozzarella/peach hybrid taste and make it the new flavor for their Ritz Bits Sandwich range of munchy snacks!

The cheesy, peachy snacks will go on sale nationwide only in Family Mart convenience stores from December 16. Retailing at 106 yen (US$0.90), they’re certainly an affordable option for those who are a bit nervous about trying them out and unwilling to find themselves out of pocket for the sake of a sub-par snack.

▼ Here’s a reminder of the wacky combo that inspired the new crackers!

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The biscuity crackers are sandwiched around a cheesy cream filling with hints of peach and a sprinkling of black pepper, making each bite-size piece a pretty fair representation of the unusual internet snack.

If you want to impress your party guests with your cutting-edge knowledge of popular flavor combinations, then why not serve up a few bowls of Mozzarella Peach Ritz snacks along with some fine wine?

Image: Twitter @moritti0114