Pets are expensive to feed and keep, which is why it’s important to make sure you’re financially able to support a little furry life for the next 10-15 years before making the decision to adopt an animal.

Sometimes, though, life throws you financial curve balls, and you may find yourself struggling to cover the cost of kitty’s food and litter. Today, we’d like to share with you the funny yet kinda sad tale of a kitty-owner whose struggle to make ends meet led to their furry little pal making a drastic suggestion of self-sacrifice (although, it’s a cat, so we’re pretty sure it was being sarcastic…)

Twitter user @tamio_snow uploaded this tweet with the caption: “I was complaining to my cat about how much it costs to feed him, when he decided to jump up and plop himself down in the saucepan. …I guess I’d better just work harder”.

Some of the comments questioned the cat’s motives – was it offering itself up as a cheap meat alternative, or threatening kitty-suicide if it didn’t get its regular bowl of brown cat gloop? Personally, we like the idea that the cat was less than impressed by its owner’s grumbling over the price of kitty food, and decided to make an ironic statement by hopping into the pan.

Others were pretty concerned for kitty’s welfare, and weren’t convinced by the owner’s financial woes:

“Nooo! Don’t cook the kitty!”

“Looks like you have no choice but to work harder!”

“Kitty’s making a silent point here.”

“I think you should apologise to kitty! You can start by emptying out the contents of your wallet.”

“Look what you’ve driven kitty to! You should be ashamed!”

“Dude, judging by that fancy stovetop you’ve got, you’re not poor. Feed the cat!”

A couple of sickos were on board with the kitty-as-cheap-meat solution:

“Fried kitty! I want it!”

“Looks delicious!”

It looks like this kitty’s bold gesture has proven a potent catalyst (geddit??) to convince the owner to rethink their stingy behavior. (We’re sure, however, that the cat owner in question was just kidding around and wouldn’t dream of neglecting kitty’s nutrition.) While we’re on the subject of providing for pets, this writer would like to remind everyone of the importance of not giving pets as Christmas gifts, and of choosing to adopt animals rather than buying them. Oh, and while it’s perfectly acceptable to gently nibble on kitty’s ears every now and then, please do not cook them up for supper.

Source: Hamusoku
Image: Twitter @tamio_snow