Netizens on Twitter recently reported that a rather strange phenomenon was affecting their pet cats during the broadcast of NHK’s “Mitsuaki Iwago’s World Catwalk”, a documentary by prominent wildlife photographer and documentary filmmaker Mitsuaki Iwago.

Apparently, the scenes of furry felines in their natural habitat completely captured the attention of household moggies watching at home, to the extent that their owners felt compelled to tweet photographic evidence of the event. Join us after the jump for images of cute kitties viewing images of other cute kitties!

We’re not sure what it was about this particular program–wildlife documentaries have been around for years, after all–but it seems to have gotten the kitties fired up like nothing else! One or two cats might just be a coincidence, but with this amount of moggies fixated on the gogglebox, there has to be something special about Mitsuaki Iwago’s film-making!

▲ ”Watching World Catwalk on TV”

▲ ”Usually our cat shows zero reaction to the TV no matter what’s on, but he’s completely fixated on World Catwalk!”

“What is it about this show that you like so much, kitty?”

▲ ”The minute World Catwalk came on. This happened…”

▲ ”I want to turn the television off now, but I can’t because kitty’s engrossed in World Catwalk…”

▲ ”Can’t decide what’s more interesting, watching World Catwalk or watching Hachi watching World Catwalk!”

▲ ”Our kitty, fascinated by World Catwalk…”

▲ “Watching World Catwalk again today. Can’t look away!”

Have you ever walked in to find your household pets engrossed in something on the television? Let’s hope they don’t suddenly develop opposable thumbs anytime soon, or we might find ourselves having to contend with an army of furry remote-control hogs!

Feature image: @trill_yukawa/Twitter