If you want to sample Kitty’s bubblegum pink curry you’d better hurry, as this café will only last until October!

Narita Airport is the starting and ending point for many tourists’ experiences with Japan, and is packed with a range of top-of-the-line shops and limited-time experiences to buffer your time in the country as pleasantly as possible. The latest star to set up shop in Narita Airport’s hallowed halls is one of Japan’s most famous ambassadors: Hello Kitty herself, Miss Kitty White!

The Hello Kitty Collaboration Café opened on July 3 and will remain for just a few months, as its doors will close for good on October 20. Still, that’s an ample window of time to soar into the Narita Anime Deck located in the airport’s Terminal 2 and order yourself a delicious, delightful meal!

One of the star items on the menu is Hello Kitty’s Lovely ♡ Pink Curry, which costs 1,500 yen (US$13.97). The pink curry roux is enhanced with a fluffy mound of rice, sculpted into Kitty’s trademark round face. The design is further decorated with broccoli florets, cheese hearts and a chunky helping of Hamburg steak carved into a star.

▼ Everything on the menu is priced without tax!

If you’ve had your fill of bubblegum pink food, no problem: Kitty has provided another 1,500 yen option in the form of the Hello Kitty Gracro Burger. What is a “gracro”, you ask? It’s a fusion of gratin and croquettes, as modeled infamously by the McDonalds Gurakoro Burger. This dish comes with fries, sauce and salad.

▼ The bun is shaped just like Kitty and bears her sweet, tiny face.

Still hungry? Good, because you can pick between two sweet treats to cap off your Hello Kitty meal. Hello Kitty’s Strawberry Pancakes cost 1,400 yen, while the tall Hello Kitty Strawberry Parfait is a cheaper choice at 1,200 yen. Whichever you choose, you’ll be feasting on some juicy, plump strawberries — and will get to savor a cookie or marshmallow printed with Kitty’s image.

And there are even Kitty-themed straws to sip drinks from if you pay 720 yen to order Hello Kitty’s Colorful Tapioca Drink, which comes in matcha milk, milk tea, and strawberry milk flavors. If you’d rather have a marshmallow-capped caffeine fix, 800 yen will net you a cup of Hello Kitty’s Marshmallow Coffee.

You can also order a latte for 720 yen that comes with a special design tied to Hello Kitty’s various appearances since her 1974 commercial debut. There are 46 designs in total, but can you bear to gulp it down and destroy that perfect visage?

▼ A sample of latte toppings.

Staff at the café recommend the following of health guidelines to limit the spread of Covid-19, but if you have the chance to visit Narita Airport before October you should definitely stop by to enjoy a plateful of kawaii curry!

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Source, images: PR Times

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