This snuggly sweet wrap will keep your kitty comfy and looks so sugary sweet you might need to brush your teeth after looking at it.

There’re few things in the world quite as indulgent as a fluffy Japanese crepe. Soft on the tongue, loaded with sweet whipped cream and juicy, succulent fruits, they’re the perfect dessert to buy from your local street vendor.

And any cat owner worth their fur will want to buy this crepe for their kitty! Unlike the food item itself, which is notoriously bad for the feline digestive system, the Nyanko Crepe Omelet (Kitty Crepe Omelet) is made of safe comfy fabric upon which your precious fur baby can curl.

▼ Look at that cookies and cream filling! Oh wait, that’s a cat.

The cushiony sides are printed with the delicate caramel crisp of a perfectly cooked crepe, and the bed’s base is a yummy pale yellow – the exact shade of custard cream. The bed even comes with soft, chunky cushions fashioned to resemble strawberry and kiwi pieces, so your cat will be part of a deluxe crepe experience!

▼ The bed is sized 10.2 inches x 8.7 inches x 18.5 inches, which is about how big I like my edible crepes to be.

The bed itself has high walls to keep your cat cradled in luxurious, pillowy crepe goodness, and that base is even more soft and sproingy than the real thing!

▼ Behold as the kitty’s feet muffins are absorbed by the yummy batter.

The product is on sale now and can be purchased from pet brand Felissimo for the tidy sum of 7,435 yen (US$69). While the Nyanko Crepe Omelet is marketed to cats, small dogs can enjoy the blast of saccharine comfort just fine.

Not especially fond of crepes? Not a problem. As we saw last year, Felissimo specializes in cat beds shapes like all manner of delightful desserts.

▼ You can pick from either a sweet fruit roll cake…

▼ Or this tactile fruit tart stuffed with fruit cushions.

For those who fear they might suffer a glucose overload every time they look at a kitty snuggling into a nest of fresh cream and pillowy cake layers, there’s always the healthy option: a good old vegetable pet bed. Just as Instagrammable without the sugar!

Source, images: PR Times, Felissimo
Images: PR Times
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