I recently spent five bucks for a latte at a zoo just because it had a panda stenciled on it. The chocolate powdered cartoon panda was gone the moment I stirred in my sugar and really, all I wanted was to Instagram it. The allure of the Latte Art boom constantly appeals to fascinated casual drinkers and caffeine addicts alike, and the art has evolved from elaborate manga drawings to adorable 3-D pop-ups. Japanese coffee maker AFG, however, recently took the art to a whole new level when it released a stop animation in which each frame is created with cups of latte art! Now that is some serious dedication!

AFG is best known for its instant coffee series “Maxim Stick” and in this commercial uploaded on YouTube, they made use of not only carefully crafted cups of coffee, but also fruits, nuts, candy and more to create a delightful visual experience. The short animation told a simple love story of a “Coffee Couple.” Personally I found it really cute that every time the couple “kisses,” you can hear the clink between the two cups!


A making-of clip was shown at the end of the animation and showed baristas making cup after cup of latte art, each time cautiously adding swirls of warm milk and sprinkling on delicate stencils of chocolate powder to create the perfect cup that goes into each frame. The animation took three whole days and a whopping 1,000 cups of latte to complete! If you’re off caffeine but need something to warm your heart, check out this video!

Now, the most important question is: Who got to drink all that delicious coffee?

Source/Images: YouTube
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