Just show them any image and the baristas will recreate them using just frothy milk foam.

Using milk foam as a canvas, skilled baristas can create just about anything they can think of, including even beloved Disney and Snoopy characters.

But one cafe in Taiwan, called My Cofi, proves that theirs is a cut above the rest with their 3D latte art. Customers just have to show photographs of pets, loved ones, or just about anything, and the baristas will do their best recreating it all in foam.

▼ That’s one angry looking cat,
but the foam version is a little softer.

▼ Van Gogh’s “The Scream”

▼ “Is that supposed to be me?”

▼ How will this dog look like in latte art…?

▼ …quite a striking resemblance!

▼ Even the cat’s pose has been faithfully replicated.

▼ “How about a scenic cup of coffee, madam?”

▼ Children’s book character Lisa from Gaspard and Lisa.

▼ Which one is fluffier?

▼ This one’s missing one giraffe,
but that’s understandable given the limited canvas space.

▼ Pet latte art seems to be a customer favorite.

▼ They also can recreate movie scenes, like this famous one from The Ring.
This customer won’t be able to sleep tonight, and it’s not because of the caffeine.

Depending on the complexity of the latte art requested, the price per cup of coffee ranges between 250 to 600 TWD (US$8.30 to $19.90). While the staff on duty are able to create simpler pieces, the intricate ones are usually made by the store manager, and that requires a prior reservation.

For those finding it a little too steep but still wish to brighten their morning with a beautiful cup of coffee, you can try it yourself with a kit that allows you to make latte art in seconds using latte strips.

Source, images: Facebook/My Cofi
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