For Starbucks fans in Japan, this truly is the season to be jolly.

Christmas products seem to appear in stores earlier and earlier every year, but for fans of Japan’s limited edition Starbucks range, the holiday season can’t come soon enough! This year, the company has announced there’ll be two delicious-looking Frappuccinos and lattes to look forward to, along with a huge array of mugs, bottles and glasses, and a special present for customers who purchase the company’s specially blended coffees. Let’s take a look at the lineup below!

First up, two delectable-looking beverages will be released on 1 November: the Snow Pecan Nut Frappuccino (560 yen [US$5.40]) and the Snow Pecan Nut Latte (430 – 550 yen).


These drinks are designed to look like the snow-topped roof of a gingerbread house, with the latte containing a blend of espresso coffee and pecan nut sauce, topped with a pecan-flavoured whipped cream. Containing crunchy pieces of pecan nuts, the drink is given a generous sprinkling of white chocolate and caramel powder to bring out its rich and luxurious flavour. The Frappuccino features the same creamy topping as the latte, with a white chocolate and pecan nut base, which is said to have a deep flavour and gentle sweetness.


On 10 November, the pecan-flavoured drinks will be joined by two more limited-edition beverages: the Gingerbread Latte (410 – 530 yen) and the Crispy Gingerbread Frappuccino (500 yen).


With a 15-year history behind it, the hot Gingerbread Latte is a Starbucks staple that customers look forward to every year, with its mix of espresso and steamed milk taking on a slightly spicy flavour, thanks to the addition of gingerbread syrup and a nutmeg-sprinkled whipped cream topping. The accompanying Frappuccino is said to taste like a gingerbread cookie drink, with crunchy biscuit pieces spread throughout its gingerbread-flavoured base.


In addition to the delicious beverages, there’ll also be a gorgeous range of holiday-themed drinkware in stores from 1 November.


Customers who purchase one of their 2016 Christmas blends will also be in for a treat, as they’ll receive one of four specially designed placemats for free.



The limited edition drinkware and beverages will only be available from 1 November – 25 December. With some of the most popular items in Starbucks’ limited edition ranges often selling out on the day they’re released, make sure you stop by a store on 1 November to avoid missing out!

Source, images: Starbucks Japan