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Kids these days! They’re all attached to their technology, fiddling around on social media, playing games and reading all of those awesome RocketNews24 articles. One 19-year-old in China, however, is putting all other teenagers to shame by making incredible animated videos all on his own. 

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The video, which the boy originally posted on the Chinese video website, BiliBili, is a fight scene between two featureless bodies, one green and one reddish-purple. The green guy shoots some sort of penetrating light beam, while the reddish-purple guy seems to have super-human speed and strength. It may only be four-minutes long, but it is an action-packed four minutes and even gets you emotionally involved, as the green guy makes an exciting comeback in a fierce concluding fight. The animation is drawn with clear inspiration from Japanese anime, but is unique in its own right. Don’t forget, the artist is only nineteen.

Did you recognize the song that cued just as the green guy was getting amped up? It’s a karaoke version of Hatsune Miku‘s “Es Dirty Aspiration,” performed by Kouhei, an amateur singer who covers songs and posts them on NicoNico Videos under the Utattemita (Sang It) tag.

Upon seeing his song featured in the awesome video, Kouhei was so impressed, he reposted it on NicoNico to share it with Japan, where it is receiving nothing but praise from the awe-struck viewers.

The teenage artist, Kakushin Kougaku (Japanese reading of 光学核心), is still only a high school student in Guangzhou, China. Something tells us that he’s headed for a lucrative job in animation in the future though. You can check out some of his artwork on pixiv and another cool fight-scene animation he made (below). It may be a little rough around the edges compared to his new video, but that also means he’s progressed a lot in the past half-year. We hope to see more from him in the future!

Source: NicoNico Video News, NicoNico Pedia
Images: Stills taken from [OMG] Who can understand this fighting Anime!