Love Hatsune Miku and wish you could create your own Vocaloid music and music videos?

Digital Hollywood, a Tokyo-based school offering degree and certification programs in IT and digital media, announced they will be holding a 6-month course on CG animation and music video production using Vocaloid software and characters.

The course is called “HATSUNE MIKU, Loves Creator” and promises to give participants the skills and hands-on-expertise needed to become world-class Vocaloid media producers.

Students will study basic 3D CG animation using Autodesk Maya and practice composition using the Hatsune Miku Vocaloid software. All students must complete a “graduation piece” that will be shown at a special presentation in early March.

The course begins September 25, with explanatory sessions being held at the Digital Hollywood Tokyo campus on September 1, 7 and 18.

Vocaloid beginners and amateurs alike are encouraged to apply, though the course is capped at 30 students and a screening test will be held if there an excess of applicants.

Those who are lucky enough to get in will officially be registered under the school’s new “Hatsune Miku film major” and attend two 3-hour hands-on training sessions on Tuesday and Friday of every week, as well as an occasional 3-hour lecture on Wednesday.

While Digital Hollywood does seem to offer an exchange program for its degree courses, the Hatsune Miku course looks like it will be conducted in Japanese only.

If you do have the language skill and want to participate what could be a fantastic opportunity to participate in a burgeoning Japanese pop-culture phenomenon, be sure to sign up for one of the information sessions here!

Source: Digital Hollywood