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Staying warm during Japan’s chilly winters can be tricky, especially when it’s time to hit the sack. A lot of Japanese apartments don’t have the best insulation, so if you don’t want to blast the heater on high all night long, a nice warm blanket or down comforter is essential.

Unfortunately, six months later the weather becomes hot and muggy nationwide, so all those blankets need to be put away. And while you could just wrap them in plastic garbage bags and stick them in the closet until next winter, the far cuter option is to use a specialized case that looks like a snoozing bear, panda, or wolf.

Created by Felissimo, the same company that brought us kitty-style pullovers and blankets, the cases are big enough to hold one single bed-size blanket. Officially called the “Cushion Case Club Where You Can Almost Hear Its Sleepy Breathing as It Dozes in Your Closet and Even the Blanket is Happy,” we’ll forgive the fact that the product’s name is too long on the grounds that its design is too cute.

Available here through Felissimo’s online interior shop Kraso, the “club” potion of the lengthy product name refers to the system in which Kraso will send you one of the four deigns to start, followed by an additional one for each of the following three months. At a price of 6,900-yen (US$58) each, the whole set isn’t cheap, but thankfully you can cancel the service at any time, so just picking up one is still an option.

▼ Honestly, we’ve got no idea why Kraso makes the purchasing process so complicated, especially when Felissimo seems to think customers are slow enough that they need a diagram to explain the concept of “blanket goes in the cover.”

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Just like some people will jump through hoops to date someone who’s really attractive, though, we imagine a lot of shoppers will be willing to put up with the inconvenience to share their living space with an inanimate housemate that looks this good. The menagerie consists of a panda, wolf, and, allowing you to imagine you’re in either California or the Arctic Circle with equal ease, both brown and polar bears.

If you’ll allow us to be extremely picky, though, we do have one quibble about the design. As blanket storage cases, these are meant to be used during the warmer part of the year, which kind of throws off the fantasy of having a hibernating grizzly in your closet. Still, we’re impressed enough with the clever idea that we still think they look great, and if the lack of seasonal realism is really an issue for you, you can always pick up some real animals for the winter, we suppose.

Disclaimer: RocketNews24 assumes no responsibility for any maulings due to not supplying your real closet bear with enough salmon to satiate its hunger before the beginning of hibernation.

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