This artist’s pet cat marks the changes of the seasons as surely as the flowering of the cherry blossoms.

Japan is a country that loves to watch the seasons change, and to enjoy the unique character of each time of year. So whether it’s the beautiful cherry blossoms of spring, the dynamic fireworks of summer, the dazzling leaves of autumn, or the majestic snows of winter, people all over the nation enjoy taking a moment to contemplate the change of the seasons.

But it turns out there’s another way to observe these seasonal changes, and without even leaving your house. As illustrated by Japanese Twitter user @yo_yo_yo_u, your cat can tell you what season you’re in as easily as a calendar.

In the spring, @yo_yo_yo_u’s pet sleeps on a cushion beside his bed.

Once summer comes, bringing with it heat and humidity, the kitty no longer needs the extra warmth of that fluffy cushion, though, and is content to sleep happily on the cool wood flooring.

But after the temperatures peak and autumn sets in, @yo_yo_yo_u’s cat starts feeling the chill, and so it hops up on its owners bed to snooze atop his sheets.

And when things really get cold in winter, the feline crawls under the covers each night, getting a double dose of toastiness from the blankets and @yo_yo_yo_u’s body heat.

This cute collection of four slices of life with a pet cat elicited online reactions such as:

“This. Exactly this.”
“I feel so lonely in summer.”
“I’ve got three cats, so in winter there’s a turf war for my bed.”
“It’s nice having my cat sleep in the bed and warm me up when the weather gets cold.”

With the lingering heat of summer starting to fade, it’s only a matter of time until @yo_yo_yo_u has to start sharing his bed again.

Source: Twitter/@yo_yo_yo_u via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@yo_yo_yo_u