If you love Japan’s bite-sized Pino ice creams as much as you love Disney’s range of adorable Tsum Tsum characters, then this special collaboration is sure to bring you joy this holiday season.

Since the chubby-cheeked Tsum Tsum gang were adapted into a mobile game, they’ve been entertaining people and helping them pass the time on public transport systems around the world. If the person next to you is swiping at their phone in a frenzy, with a screen full of round, animated Disney faces, they’re likely to be caught up in a time-sensitive game of chance, where lines of identical ‘Tsums’ need to be cleared and goals of receiving new adorable characters need to be achieved.

▼ Tsum Tsum characters appear in real-life as stackable plushies.

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Japanese sweets manufacturer Morinaga is now bringing the game to freezers around the country, with two new adorable boxed ice cream sets retailing for 540 yen (US$4.40) each. And this isn’t just any ice cream either; it’s Pino, those delicious “angel poops” we know and love so much.

▼ The yellow “Season Assort” box, on sale from November 16, contains 10 vanilla, 7 strawberry and 7 milk tea ice creams.


▼ The red “Choco Assort” box, on sale in the latter half of November, contains 10 vanilla, 7 almond and 7 chocolate ice creams.


One of Japan’s best-selling ice creams, Pino is known for its individually packed, chocolate-covered mouthfuls. While they’re usually wrapped in clear packaging, the morsels in these boxes will now be wrapped up in adorable Tsum Tsum characters, in up to 30 designs!



The holiday season is the perfect time to enjoy an edible Tsum Tsum game with friends and family. Simply open a box or two, grab a handful each and see if you can create a line of identical characters. While the winner gets to eat the row, losing isn’t so bad when the consolation prize is a bunch of delicious Tsums!

Images: PR Times
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