Japanese homes are notorious for being poorly insulated, in the wintertime often leaving you feeling just as cold indoors as you do outside.

Despite having permanent fur coats (lucky them!) our pets can still feel the chill and will do what they can to stay cozy. We’ve already shown you cats and space heaters, and dogs in kotatsu, but now we bring you some adorable hamsters in sleeves.

Hamsters are natural burrowers, and in the wild will stay underground most of the day to avoid predators. Sure, your pet hamster probably doesn’t really have to worry about being eaten alive, but when winter sets in, it’s time to take shelter from Jack Frost. For hamsters, what could be more perfect than a sleeve? Judging from these photos posted on Twitter – a trend known as 袖ハム sodehamu (sode 袖 = sleeve, hamu ハム = the first half of the Japanese pronunciation of “hamster”) – the best sleeves are the ones already occupied by a human arm – for extra warmth of course!

▼”My hamster went in my sleeve. So cute, but tickles so badly..!!”

▼”It’s autumn. The season for hamster sleeves is here.”

Here are some furry hamster bums thrown in for good measure:

▼”Hamster butt, the moment he went into the sleeve.”

▼”My hamster went in my sleeve. Everyone who owns a hamster has done this at least once, right?”

It may seem like it’s all cute and fun and games, but the inevitable is bound to happen sooner or later…

▼”Parting gifts in my sleeve.”

poopooImage: Hamster-Santa

▼”When my hamster would go into my sleeve, all it would do was poop.”

Hey, it’s a fact of life; everybody’s gotta go! At least little hamster “presents” aren’t that bad. But here are some more hamsters, doing things other than just leaving little unwanted gifts:

▼”Came home and my hamster went right into my sleeve to eat some broccoli.”

▼”Hamster in my brother’s sleeve, eating cabbage ( ˘ω˘)♡”

The cold of winter can be tough to get through sometimes, but we’re at least glad for the cuteness it brings!

Source: Naver Matome
Featured image from Twitter @tg_hp