Cleaning is not a fun task, but it’s not so bad if someone else does it for you, right? One little fluff-ball of a hamster does not agree. When Mochitaro’s owner opened his cage to give it a little scrubbing, Mochitaro was in despair.

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In contempt of his owner’s clean habits, Mochitaro went back to bed (his wheel) in a huff− “How could you do this to me?!” He may be angry, spiteful and a bit overdramatic (quite a range of emotions for a hamster), but from the outside, he just looks like a handful of cuteness… On the other hand, he almost looks a little, dare I say it, dead…


His owner, Twitter user @moriakidayo, picked up on this too. In a follow-up tweet, she stated:

“Ah! Could it be that Mochitaro became a yokai [ghost/ supernatural monster]?! His body is spongy, the sign of a yokai! Welcome back Mochitaro! (I’m not actually crazy, I’m okay!)”

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Thankfully, Mochitaro is alive and well, just stubborn. If these pictures didn’t satisfy your cute hamster fix, we’ll send you out with a cute video of Mochitaro sleeping on a different occasion:

Source: Hamusoku, Twitter (@moriakidayo)
Video: Vine (moriaki)