No drinking out of the toilet for this classy cat.

Feline fans have another arrow in their quiver to use in the never-ending debate over which is the superior pet, cats or dogs. Whereas those silly pooches are content to lap water straight of the toilet, Japanese Twitter user @m3396 has provided video evidence that cats, under the right circumstances, operate on a much higher level of elegance.

@m3396 and her husband share their home with seven cats, but the one that’s getting the most attention the one who situated himself in front of what look like two cups of green tea. But rather than stick his tongue into the drinking vessel like some uncultured canine, @m3396’s pet had a better idea for how to partake in the proffered beverage.

After delicately dipping a paw into the liquid (which is actually water mixed with a pet health supplement that also adds a green tint), the kitty brings it to his mouth. He then repeats, sipping the drink bit by bit like a tea master appreciating some quality refreshments.



What’s strange is that when presented with a bowl of milk, the same cat doesn’t bother with such formal protocol.

“It’s so inefficient!” laughed @m3396 upon seeing the kitty “tea” ceremony, but it’s hard to complain about something that’s simultaneously so refined and so adorable. Especially when the cat is obviously enjoying himself.

Source: IT Media, Twitter/@m3396