Sailor Moon and team will be facing off against an all-new group of villains in the soon-to-air second season of Sailor Moon Crystal, the newest in the long-running anime and manga franchise, says Toei Animation.

The new threat for Japan’s most famous all-girl superhero team comes in the form of the sinister (we think?) Black Moon Clan, comprised of one female and three male antagonists. The team is primarily motivated by leader Prince Demande’s desire to obtain the “Silver Crystal” and Sailor Moon herself – although it’s unclear if he’s romantically interested or if he’s just following the guidelines of the Villain Trope Handbook.

Rounding out the team are Saphir, Demande’s right-hand man and brother, Rubeus, who wears camouflage fatigues around everywhere even though fashion camouflage went out of style in the 90s, and Esmeraude, the female member of the clan who is secretly in love with Demande.


Even though season two will primarily feature a story arc heavily involving the new Black Moon Clan, the nefarious group is apparently not even set to appear until episode 15. Fans with access to CrunchyRoll or another anime streaming service that’s partnered with Toei Animation will be able to catch the first episodes featuring the new villains starting on February 7.

Source: Famitsu
Photos: Toei Animation