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KFC launched its Double Down menu item in 2010, and after it sunk in that the fast food chain was serious about making a bacon and cheese sandwich with two pieces of fried chicken substituting for the bread, reactions were split between horrified and hungry. All agreed though that the decadent offering was in no way to be mistaken for a healthy dining option, and many commentators declared it the sort of thing that could only have been birthed in response to the extra-gluttonous fast food culture of the U.S.

Except it turns out that Americans aren’t the only ones who occasionally like to go crazy and stuff themselves with as much KFC-cooked meat as their mouths and stomachs can hold. The Double Down was also a sales success in Korea, and this week, KFC launched an evolved version in the Philippines called the Double Down Dog.

KFC describes the Double Down Dog as “outrageously meaty,” and there’s really not much room to argue. Consisting of a wiener with mustard wrapped in a deep-fried chicken fillet, the breadless hot dog went on sale January 26 at select locations in the Philippines, with its limited quantities of 50 per restaurant quickly selling out.

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▼ The list of participating KFC Philippines branches

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However, even as hungry hordes descended upon KFC to satisfy their carnivorous cravings, some voiced their misgivings about the chain’s apparent desire to escalate past the already over-the-top original Double Down.

But whether you feel the Double Down Dog is “a crime against humanity” or the real crime is simply that countries other than the Philippines have presently been denied the pleasure of eating it, by the time you read this, it’ll be too late to ask the Colonel’s team of employees to make you one. The Double Down Dog was given only a two-day run of January 26-27.

That said, the extremely limited availability sounds more like a market test than a full-blown product roll-out, and given the response the Double Down Dog generated, it wouldn’t be surprising to see KFC offer it again in the future. In the meantime, taking a short break will give everyone who ate one and is hankering for another some time to properly digest their first Double Down Dog, plus give KFC a chance to think up ways to make it even better.

▼ For example, we can’t help but notice that the Double Down Dog has only one deep-fried chicken filet, as opposed to the two that we’ve come to associate with the brand.

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