2015.03.08 last meal sample

We all have our favorite foods, but have you ever thought about what you would choose to eat if you knew that would be your last meal? Would you want an exotic delicacy or would you rather have a familiar taste before you shuffle off this mortal coil?

A Japanese website recently polled a group of women to ask them what they would order for their last meal and we’ve got the results below the break.

MyNavi Woman, a Japanese women’s interest website, took the survey last month, asking their readers “What would you like to eat for your last meal before you die?” Out of 163 responses from working women between the ages of 22 and 34, eight foods stood out as the most requested, and perhaps unsurprisingly the answers were mostly iconic Japanese foods. The results are as follows with the percentage of respondents that chose the food:

5. Ramen, sukiyaki, Japanese curry, 3.1% (tie)

4. Steak, 6.1%

3. Miso soup, 8.6%

2. Yakiniku, rice balls, 10.4% (tie)

1. Sushi, 24.5%

Sushi, the Japanese classic that is incredibly popular overseas (even if it is a bit different outside of Japan), was easily the number one choice for the last meal. Most of the respondents said they picked sushi since they would want to leave the earth with one final taste of their homeland, and to their minds sushi best represented Japanese cuisine. But many said it would have to be high-quality sushi and not the pre-packaged kind available in convenience stores all over Japan. One woman said she wanted to be absolutely stuffed with sushi before dying.

Yakiniku, Japanese-style barbecued meat, and rice balls tied and came in second. For many, a last meal of yakiniku would be the perfect way to say goodbye to this world since they would die happily full of deliciously grilled meat without any shame of overindulgence. And rice balls represented something comforting to many of the respondents who said the simple food reminds them of their childhood and mom’s cooking.

The poll results seems to match up with what we’ve seen before of how important Japanese food is valued in Japan. (Although some can argue steak is a Western dish, Japan’s love of grilled red meat has turned steak into practically a Japanese dish in its own right.) And we can’t blame them for wanting to leave this life with one final delicious taste of what Japanese cuisine has to offer.

Would any of these foods be on your plate for your last meal?

Source: MyNavi Woman
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