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Get a glimpse at the personal sanctuary of women from all walks of life.

Sometimes when you are creating a story, it’s not just the living characters that you have to think about. Often where a person spends most of their time, like a bedroom, gives people a peek into how your characters think. The best spaces are so quirky and charming that every now and then they can become characters unto themselves. However, maybe you are a clean freak and just can’t imagine a room that has that much appeal. Never fear, because they’ve created a book just for the struggling but cleanly manga artist.

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Who would have thought you would need reference photos for rooms — men and women fighting, sure, we get it — but stationary living spaces? Well, there must be some demand for it, because Onago Room by Shiori Kawamoto promises over 250 pages of reference photos of girl’s rooms. Oddly, this is actually Kawamoto’s second photo book about rooms, but her first one was based around the theme of “depravity”. You can definitely see a bit of that influence still in these rooms as the women chosen for this book often seem to live in spaces where you can barely see the floor.

room 1

▼ Heaven forbid you have to move out of this room at some point.

room 3

▼ Seeing a picture of this girl’s desktop really says all you need to know.

room 4

room 5

room 6

▼ Angels need somewhere to sleep…right?

room 7

▼ Look! A fairly normal room!

room 8

room 9

Onago Room has photos from 102 models, which probably means that whatever you wanted to set into your art, something helpful will show up somewhere in these pages. You’ll be able to find the exact eccentricity that will turn your normal, boring characters into ones of depth and originality. Just make sure you include a path for them to walk into and out of their rooms! You’ll be able to find Onago Room at bookstores in Japan, or online from Amazon Japan for 2,484 yen (US$24) on July 27, 2016.

Source: Art Database
Images: Amazon Japan