Ahh, the internet. It used to be that if you wanted snorgle-worthy pictures of baby animals, you had to go out and take them yourself, risking skinned knees, mozzie bites, and the occasional head cold to do so. Now, we can sit back in the comfort of our own beanbag chairs and have the cute come to us.

The latest digital goldmine to be discovered? The Twitter feed of the Hirakawa Zoo in Kyushu, where a pair of baby Asian small-clawed otters have been bringing the cute in a big way.

Check out these squee-tastic snaps.

▼ “This baby otter had a big yawn come over him while sunbathing! Some tiny teeth are starting to come in. He’ll be eating fish in no time!”

▼ “Today the weather was good, so they were on display for two hours. Doesn’t it look like he’s saying ‘We are Sparta’!? To help with their development, they got to play in the pool and get all muddy, so these two are pretty tuckered out. This picture is them taking a breather after being dried off.”

▼ “They woke up a bit when we were weighing them, but soon went back into sleep mode. ZZZZ… Growing otters need sleep!”

▼ “Today’s baby is an otter! We weighed him and checked that he doesn’t have any health problems. His face is like ‘Who’s this guy?'”

▼ “It’s been one month since the birth of our Asian small-clawed otters. They’ve been growing so fast, they’ve already reached 300 grams! (They were about 60g at birth…) Their eyes have opened and they are starting to move around. In order to give them time to develop, the date of their debut hasn’t been set yet.”

▼ “We’ve uploaded video of our baby Asian small-clawed otters. We’ve got two healthy boys! Check them out!”

▼ “These Asian small-clawed otters were born on March 2! They’re both healthy boys. They’re still tiny and their eyes haven’t opened, so they won’t be on display yet. But you can still come see the parents!”

Pretty darn cute, right? And that’s not all, either. The zoo generally posts multiple times a day and their feed is packed with photos of their other animals, including a very photogenic red panda.

If you’ve got a hankering for super-cute animals and interesting factoids, do yourself a favor and follow Hirakawa Zoo today!

H/T Hamusoku
Images: Hirakawa Zoo