This little rodent has a big surprise for its handler as he gets ready to trim its teeth.

As rat and hamster owners know, these animals’ teeth are constantly growing. Normally they maintain the size of their chompers through gnawing on whatever they can find. However, if there is a problem with this habit it is possible their teeth will grow out of control and cause more serious health problems.

If that’s the case, then its time for them to get their teeth trimmed. This can be either done by a vet or an experienced owner of rodents with a suitable pair of nail clippers. This YouTube video shows how it’s done, and its star hamster also has a very special surprise for all of us.

As the person is getting ready to clip the bottom teeth, the hamster is understandably frightened. However, about a minute in, it suddenly looks as if an alien is about to crawl out of its mouth.

Then we are relieved to see it’s only nuts…a whole lot of nuts.

The hamster repeats this a few times during the clipping. In total, I counted 17 nuts or nut-like things, but I may have missed some.

Although the hamster is scared enough to give up its nuts, don’t worry about the clipping. Unlike ours, rodents’ teeth do not have nerves so it is relatively painless. Nevertheless, if you own a rat or hamster and are unsure of how to trim their teeth, best to play it safe and take it to a professional.

As for their storage capacity, I always knew they could squirrel away food like that, but I had no idea it was to such a degree. Now, if I were asked what radioactive animal I would like to be bitten by, “hamster” would probably be at the top of the list. I just could keep five packs of Skittles and two boxes of Slim Jims inside me and be set for the day. Plus, it’s the kind of superpower with which comes none of that great responsibility that Spider-man’s ghost uncle is always nagging him about.

Source: YouTube/Hamuhamu Expedition of Kuma-chan’s Room