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Although the protester that managed to infiltrate the European Central Bank’s monthly press conference recently got plenty of media attention with her clever deployment of a so-called “Glitter Bomb” – that is, she scattered the notoriously-difficult-to-remove, fabulous substance everywhere – her protest method of choice came a few months too late.

Everyone knows, of course, that the disruptive substance du jour now is the dial-a-bag of dongs. Glitter is just so yesterday. But, our intrepid protester is still getting her due time in the spotlight in Japan because of her resemblance to a certain anime character.

See, nerdy anime/manga enthusiasts in Japan think that the protester, German citizen Josephine Witt, during her amazingly acrobatic desk jump just prior to sprinkling glitter on the ECB president Mario Draghi, looked a whole lot like a character from the classic Fist of the North Star.

Witt, a member of the feminist activist organization Femen, probably had no idea that her borderline miraculous jump – which we can only assume required months of grueling training – would resemble a very similar pose struck by a character from the famous anime. Her main goal, according to reports, was to protest the ECB’s motives and inner workings, which, according to Witt (and presumably Femen), don’t have the European people’s best interests in mind.

Here’s footage of the original event here:

It’s unclear if Witt possesses the powers of the series antagonist she apparently resembles, but, as we have seen the result of doubting the abilities of a Fist of the North Star character, we’re going to just go ahead and assume we are already dead.

Source: Twitter via Byoukan Sunday
Feature image: Twitter: chemisuke_sikyo