Like many people, our reporter Go Hatori likes to decant his lotions and potions into portable mini-bottles for travel. It saves space in his luggage for other items, looks neater, and shows the world that you are a well-organised, fully-functioning member of society. The problem with those little bottles which have a spray or pump attachment, though, is they can be wasteful. Once you’re down to the last centimetre or so of product, it just refuses to come out.

So when Go discovered this tiny straw-less pump bottle in the 100-yen shop (“where everything’s 83 cents approx!”), he was over the moon!

Go bought the little pump bottle from the 100-yen shop to transport a travel-sized amount of his usual hair oil. But upon opening the packet, he was worried that the product might be faulty. Where’s the straw? he thought to himself.

▼ There is no straw!


Go wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen, but he thought he might as well give it a go. He filled the bottle with thick, gloopy hair oil and tried pressing the pump.


To his surprise, he realised that this little bottle works perfectly fine without a straw – in fact, it’s better. As the liquid product is pumped out, the bottle’s internal bottom moves up inside the container, maintaining a vacuum – and allowing you to squeeze out every last drop!


Go couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Such an incredible product for only 100 yen!? “It’s a pumping revolution!” he declared. “Get yourself to Can☆Do and buy one!”

Our writer was so excited that he made this demonstration video (no, seriously) for your viewing pleasure.

▼ We used washing up liquid for the demo, but we are assured that its viscosity and colour are a good match for Go’s hair oil.

100-yen shops: gotta love ’em.

Original article by Go
All photos by RocketNews24

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