Our in-house bargain beauty buff has found yet another method to upgrade his locks. How shiny can a 100-yen camellia oil brush make your hair?

Things haven’t been going great for SoraNews24’s resident beauty queen Go Hattori. Not only has he had to find ways to cover up his forehead, but last month he had to do battle with the cursed images of Mr. Sato haunting his car. All these stresses have taken a deep and brutal toll: when Go visited his stylist they commented, “your hair’s looking kind of lifeless lately, isn’t it?”

▼ “Thanks….?”

You see, Go had been on a bit of a fitness kick last year and took a strict diet and exercise regimen. Not only did it boost his body, but his hair reaped the benefit too, becoming glossy and thick! Without the steady stream of protein, his hair had become desolate and dull. It must be really dire if his stylist was commenting on it now! Quickly, to the 100-yen store!

▼ The “Captivating Hair Camellia (TSUBAKI)” comes in comb and brush forms, so Go purchased both.

These products allegedly distribute the oil of camellia japonica with each stroke, an oil renowned among beauty bloggers for revitalizing hair and keeping it soft and well-nourished. The claim on the packaging is that it’ll set your hair a-glow with each time it passes through your locks, but Go was doubtful. Every time? Really?

▼ Look at it all you want, it’s just a plastic brush.

▼ The comb looks just like the brush, but in comb form.

▼ Just a regular old brush and comb.

The packaging belies its secret: each product in the line contains a capsule of camellia oil, which is distributed through the spokes of the comb or brush and transferred evenly throughout your hair. This way you can feel the benefit of the so-called Winter Rose every time you drag one through your unkempt mane, although the package does also warn that camellia oil’s effectiveness varies from person to person.

Go clenched the plastic handle tight in his hand. “I’m counting on you, camellia oil!” he announced to his empty apartment.

But wait…!

▼ ← Before
→ After

Could it be…?!

Go’s hair… was shining! Twinkling like it had been kissed by a thousand fireflies!

▼ He had gone from Atari to XBox One graphics in seconds!

Okay, so maybe it had just been temporarily pepped up by the combing motions. Go elected to let SoraNews24’s qualified readers judge whether this comb was really all it claimed to be on the label. Regardless of its top-grade 100-yen camellia oil technology, Go figures it’s probably better to start eating more protein in his diet again rather than rely on a comb. Tomorrow is a new day, and there’s so many great ways to get protein in this country! Shine on, Go Hattori!

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