Declare your love for iconic characters at this temporary Shinjuku store with their elegant jewelry.

Japanese jewelry store chain U-Treasure has 38 branches across the country. Established in 2014 by its parent company K-Uno, the brand specializes in crafting custom-made trinkets featuring well-known characters.

Staffed with over 50 design specialists and over 180 skilled artisans, U-Treasure collaborates with character licensing companies to deliver elegant accessories that combine both beauty and functionality.

The company is set to open a time-limited “pop-up” shop from 17 June to 31 September in Shinjuku, displaying its entire catalog of contemporary rings, necklaces, and timepieces.

▼ These timeless Sanrio pieces make perfect gifts.

Even with today’s internet-centric shopping, nothing compares to the experience you get peering at your favorite shiny trinkets up close.

▼ My love, I choose you!

Expect to see a the store crammed full of themed jewelry from the likes of Sanrio, Pokémon, Moomin, One Piece, Final Fantasy XV, Evangelion, Detective Conan, Crayon Shin-chan, Attack on Titan, Star Wars, and more.

▼ Amplify the force with a Darth Vader ring.

Attack on Titan-themed necklace featuring the three walls:
Wall Maria, Wall Rose and Wall Sheena

Readers may want to take this opportunity to snag the perfect pair of earrings to go along with their pet dog’s Levi cosplay, or to declare their undying love for their partner using an 18-karat engagement ring made entirely from Poké Balls.

Store Information
U-Treasure Pop Up Shop / ユートレジャーポップアップショップ
Address: Shinjuku-ku, Nishi Shinjuku, 3-1-3, Nishi Shinjuku Koide Building 2F
新宿区西新宿3-1-3 西新宿小出ビル2F
Open: 17 June to 31 September 2017

Source: U-Treasure via PR TIMES and Animeanime
Images: PR TIMES (1, 2)