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If you’re reading this and were born after 1995, we strongly encourage you to make sure your diaper is firmly in place. What’s that? You say you outgrew diapers long ago? You might want to double-check anyway, because right now we’re not so sure we didn’t somehow slip back in time two decades or so.

After all, these days anime fans are being blessed with about as much new Dragon Ball content as they were during the previous peak of the martial arts franchise’s popularity in the mid ‘90s. This year has already seen the release of a new Dragon Ball Z movie, Resurrection ‘F’, which was followed by the announcement of a brand-new TV series, Dragon Ball Super.

Now, the franchise is going back to its roots by returning to the format where it all started: manga, with a new Dragon Ball serial starting in just a month!

The latest issue of manga publisher Shueisha’s monthly V Jump anthology doesn’t come out in Japan until Thursday. Our friends over at Anime News Network, though, got their hands on an image before the street date with an announcement of a new Dragon Ball Super manga.

Similar to his upcoming collaboration with manga artist Masakazu Katsura, Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama won’t be drawing the new comic. Instead, Toriyama is credited with the manga’s original story, while the credit for “manga” itself goes to Toyotaro, the same artist who handled the manga adaptation of the Resurrection ‘F’ movie.

▼ As this layout from Resurrection ‘F’ shows, Toyotaro’s artwork is extremely similar to Toriyama’s.

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Fans chomping at the bit for Dragon Ball Super might be initially disheartened to hear that the new manga will start in V Jump’s August issue, especially since they’re already having to wait until July for the anime version to premiere. The good news, though, is that thanks to the way Shueisha labels its timetables, V Jump’s August issue is due on newsstands on June 21, just a month away and a few weeks before the anime starts.

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▼ Or page them, if it really is 1995 again.

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Source: Anime News Network
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