Dragon Ball Super

It’s confirmed! New Dragon Ball Super movie will bring back Broly, the legendary Super Saiyan

The official title of the new Dragon Ball Super movie has been announced, and it confirms that a familiar and fearsome foe will be returning, to many fans’ delight!

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Dragon Ball artist accused of plagiarism by tracing action scene from Marvel comic

Original artist takes it with surprising grace, doesn’t seem to mind the transgression.

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Dragon Ball Super finally ends after three years, voice actress of Goku says she’s not done

The battle to save the world may be over, but this 81-year-old voice acting veteran still has plenty of fight left in her.

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Dragon Ball Super movie’s first preview appears, producer promises simultaneous worldwide release

Strongest fighters in the universe set to appear everywhere on earth on the same day.

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Thousands of anime fans gather for public screenings of new Dragon Ball episode in Latin America

Fans in North, Central, and South America cheer on Goku in his latest fight, but rights holder Toei isn’t nearly as happy.
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He’ll be back! Goku to return to big screen in first-ever Dragon Ball Super anime film

Yes, Goku will definitely be back, as we get a release date for the next feature-length Dragon Ball film and a look at the movie’s very first teaser image.

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Bye for now, Goku! Dragon Ball Super to make way for new Gegege no Kitarō anime

Anime fans will be saying farewell to Dragon Ball Super as another well-loved anime takes its place starting in April this year. 

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Goku’s battles continue! Image for new Dragon Ball Super story arc sets Japanese Internet abuzz

New promotional illustration for Dragon Ball Super gives us a glimpse of what might be yet another transformation for our favorite Saiyan hero!

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Japanese publisher Shueisha reveals plans to expand the Dragon Ball brand

Fans have a lot to look forward to, following the announcement that an intriguing new “Dragon Ball Room” was established earlier this year.

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Dragon Ball Super reveals Goku’s biggest secret: he’s never kissed anyone

Goku’s most powerful ability is somehow fathering two children without ever locking lips.

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Dragon Ball Super Training Challenge! is ready to whip future defenders of the Earth into shape

Nasu Highland Park in Tochigi Prefecture is home to a special experience-type attraction where you can undergo the same training regimens as Goku.

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Lottery prize figurine of Dragon Ball Super’s hero Goku is also super expensive

You’d have to be almost as wealthy as the Briefs family to win all four of the different versions!

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Dragon Ball creator expresses frustration at TV anime’s periodic quality issues 【Photos】

Akira Toriyama feels your pain, anime fight fans.

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Goku’s new adventures begin! Dragon Ball Super begins airing amidst huge anticipation from fans

Back in April, we brought to you the news that an all new Dragon Ball anime series was going to start airing on TV in July. Well, the day Dragon Ball fans have eagerly been waiting for finally arrived.

The very first episode of the new series, titled Dragon Ball Super, was broadcast last Sunday, and of course, we checked it out to witness the start of Goku’s new adventures. Dragon Ball fans, get ready for a brand new chapter in the timeless saga that has become a manga and anime classic around the world!

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Dragon Ball Super’s first anime clips are right here 【Video】

It’s still a little hard to believe that the all-new Dragon Ball Super anime is real. It’s not that hits of yesteryear never get new content, as we’ve seen both Sailor Moon and Ghost in the Shell make recent comebacks. Usually, though, big-name sequels or reboots are unveiled well in advance, with a gradual rollout of tantalizing informational tidbits to help slowly build up excitement. Sailor Moon Crystal, for example, kept fans waiting for roughly two years between its initial announcement and first episode.

That’s why it’s sort of shocking that Dragon Ball Super was only revealed at the tail-end of April, but is on schedule to begin airing in July. The latest animated installment of the Dragon Ball saga really does exist, though, and to prove it, here are the first clips from the show.

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All-new Dragon Ball Super isn’t just an anime – manga adaptation coming too!

If you’re reading this and were born after 1995, we strongly encourage you to make sure your diaper is firmly in place. What’s that? You say you outgrew diapers long ago? You might want to double-check anyway, because right now we’re not so sure we didn’t somehow slip back in time two decades or so.

After all, these days anime fans are being blessed with about as much new Dragon Ball content as they were during the previous peak of the martial arts franchise’s popularity in the mid ‘90s. This year has already seen the release of a new Dragon Ball Z movie, Resurrection ‘F’, which was followed by the announcement of a brand-new TV series, Dragon Ball Super.

Now, the franchise is going back to its roots by returning to the format where it all started: manga, with a new Dragon Ball serial starting in just a month!

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All-new Dragon Ball anime coming to TV this July with story by series creator Akira Toriyama

Anime fans weren’t quite sure what to expect in 2013 when Battle of Gods was released in theaters, becoming the first new piece of Dragon Ball animation in 16 years. After such a long hiatus, would it be any good? And would this perhaps be the very last creative gasp from series creator Akira Toriyama?

The respective answers, yes and no, came quickly. Battle of Gods was a fan-pleasing hit, and a follow-up came in the form of the recently released Resurrection “F”.

So after two movies in two years, is Toriyama ready for a break? Nope, he’s ready for more, but this time not in theaters, as Dragon Ball is returning to TV this summer with a brand-new anime series.

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