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Back in April, we brought to you the news that an all new Dragon Ball anime series was going to start airing on TV in July. Well, the day Dragon Ball fans have eagerly been waiting for finally arrived.

The very first episode of the new series, titled Dragon Ball Super, was broadcast last Sunday, and of course, we checked it out to witness the start of Goku’s new adventures. Dragon Ball fans, get ready for a brand new chapter in the timeless saga that has become a manga and anime classic around the world!

At 9 a.m. last Sunday morning, fans across Japan tuned in to the airing of the very first new Dragon Ball anime episode in almost 18 years since Dragon Ball GT concluded in  November of 1997 (The Dragon Ball Kai series has been broadcast since then, starting in 2009, but that is a digitally remastered version of the previous Dragon Ball Z episodes and isn’t considered a new series.). Now, it’s common knowledge that the Dragon Ball GT anime, which was not based on the manga by franchise creator Akira Toriyama but was more of an original creation of Toei Animation, wasn’t exactly well-received by fans. However, with more direct involvement by Toriyama this time, fans have been optimistic about the new series.

▼ Here’s an official trailer for Dragon Ball Super released by Toei Animation. Fans should be happy to see the familiar faces, and a few new ones as well!

The new series starts a few years after the terrible Majin Buu has been defeated and peace has returned to Earth. According to Toriyama’s comments on the Toei website, the story he has created for Dragon Ball Super involves foes from a different universe and many new characters, as well as a new set of extra-large “super” Dragon Balls.

▼ Some shots from the trailer: Goku, our eternal hero, is always up for some heavy-duty training.

DBS Goku

▼ With peace restored, Gohan and Videl seem to have become a happy couple.

DBS Gohan Videl

▼ Little Goten and Trunks are as adorable as ever …

DBS Goten Trunks

▼ … but watch out when they get serious about fighting!

DBS Goten

▼ You’ll see the usual familiar faces like Piccolo …

DBS Piccolo

▼ … and some relatively new ones as well, like Beerus and Whis.

DBS Beerus Whis

And what did we think of the actual show after seeing the first episode? In a few short words, it was clean, simple fun! There was no fighting, but we’re sure long-time fans enjoyed the laid back and even comical tone of the story that showed the characters going on with their daily lives instead of engaging in fierce battles for a change.

Comments posted by viewers who saw the show also seemed to be generally positive, as many felt the episode was a genuinely feel-good story, with quite a few fans remarking on how incredibly cute Goten is or how lovely Videl is in both appearance and character (Yup, Gohan is one lucky Saiyan!).  Others were tickled by how Piccolo still seems to have a soft spot for Gohan even after all these years. Most of all, though, it feels nice to see the familiar characters we’ve known for so long just enjoying life.

Of course, as Toriyama’s comments about foes from a neighboring universe suggest, it won’t be all fun and play for the Dragon Ball warriors, but it looks like the tone will remain light at least for a little while longer. In fact, fans are already saying that they’re looking forward even more to next week’s show, which they’re saying will be a must-see episode, as it’s apparently going to be about…Vegeta taking his family out on a holiday! Yes, we’re definitely looking forward to that one, since it’s not often that you see the Saiyan prince taking time out for a vacation.

So, we’re glad to say Dragon Ball Super seems to have gotten off to a good start. We’re sure Toriyama-sensei has some exciting surprises in store for us, and we hope the fun and entertainment continues for many weeks to come!

Top image: Toei Animation Dragon Ball Super website
Insert images: YouTube/Toei Animation official channel