After years of staring at cat pictures and videos with religious fervor, it looks like they’re onto us.

With the Internet allowing people from all over the world to share their feline fixations, cats are enjoying a level of adoration not seen since their previous heyday in ancient Egyptian civilization. But are we perhaps giving them too lofty a position in our hearts and minds?

Some animal behavior experts believe that domesticated cats see their owners not so much as caretakers but as servants. That makes logical sense since, unlike dogs, cats aren’t ordered to perform tasks or tricks such as fetching or rolling over. Really, it might be enough to give some of them a feeling of unchallengeable superiority.

And hey, if you’ve got a god complex, why not pose like one too?

Japanese Twitter user @FakeYashu owns two five-year-old cats, a white Maine Coon named Toro and a brown Somali named Tuna. While his two pets were playing on their cat tower @FakeYashu grabbed his camera and pointed the lens towards Toro, who struck the most menacingly regal pose possible.

Toro’s overpowering presence isn’t entirely thanks to the low-angle and dramatic backlighting, however. Main Coon’s are one of the biggest breeds of housecats, and Toro towers over even @FakeYashu’s nine-month-old son.

Thankfully, Tuna doesn’t seem to be quite so eager to lord it over us lowly humans, as @FakeYashu’s other pet wasn’t nearly as haughty when her picture was snapped.

Still, after seeing Toro’s ability to give divine wrath-level stink eye, we’d recommend @FakeYashu make sure there’s always food in his bowl.

Source: IT Media, Twitter/@FakeYashu