Japanese twitter user finds a miniscule pawprint inside salmon roe.

Should the world’s tiniest cat be found, surely the Internet would explode, flinging particles of cats, memes, cats, ‘adult material’ and yet more cats everywhere. But fear not, it seems that the Internet is safe for another day.

The image of Christ is forever popping up, whether it be on shrouds, rocks or even toast, but one keen-eyed Twitter user found the paw in a single ikura (salmon roe) as seen below.

Ikura, also known as sea rubies, is a hugely popular dish in Japan and can be found topping all sorts of seafood cuisine or even in all-you-can-eat form. While this writer may fall into the hate camp of this love-it-or-hate-it food (there’s something about the sensation of the roe popping in your mouth), there’s no denying that most Japanese would happily dine on it. In fact, in at least one restaurant in Sapporo not finishing your plate of ikura is a punishable offence.

So for anybody to notice that an image could be concealed within, let alone that the image resembles a paw, gets full marks for observation, since a single roe is pretty tiny.


User @0513Yuumi explains that they eat like the delicacy so much that they eat one at a time, which might help explain why they were able to notice it. Other twitter users were quick to congratulate the eagle-eyed vision required although some questioned the authenticity, while yet others declared it a miracle. Perhaps it’s an omen of some sort, although of what?

Given that ikura are best eaten fresh, it’s unsurprising that the one in question was, after this photographic record was taken, quickly eaten.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@0531Yuumi
Insert image: ©RocketNews24