A Japanese designer has created a vase that moves with your flower arrangement.

Floral arrangements are a work of art in Japan, where ikebana practitioners focus on the line, form and shape of flowers to create beauty through structure and minimalism. Extending that practice to the flower-holding vessel is Japanese designer Keisuke Fujisawara, who has created a line of vases that sway and move with the arrangement, as it reaches for the sunlight or as it drops its petals.

▼ Ikebana literally translates to “Living Flowers”, and these vases highlight the energy within the arrangement.


The drop-shaped vases are made from steel and come in five different colours with a brilliantly mirrored coating. The reason they sway, with or without the touch of a hand? When flowers are placed in them or as they bloom and fade away, the weight that sits at the bottom of the vessel changes. Subtle movements alter its centre of gravity, changing its direction while keeping it upright at all times.


The vases appeared at a furniture design exhibition at Gallery Le Bain in Nishi Azabu in Tokyo in March last year. Since then, they have been hard to come by, so if you’re thinking of making a purchase, it would be best to contact the designer via his official website or Facebook page.

Source: DesignBoom
Images: Keisuke Fujiwara Design Office