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Time and time again we have professed the end of Naruto. While the original manga has certainly finished, there always seems to be something new for Masashi Kishimoto’s ninja clans. If you haven’t gotten your fill of Naruto yet with the new manga featuring Naruto’s son or the live-action theater production of the series, you should ninja run to the Adores building in Tokyo’s Akihabara. Their collaboration cafe is currently featuring the boisterous boy ninja and all his sneaky pals, but you better get there quick before the whole cafe ninja vanishes!

Located beside Akihabara Station, Anime Plaza, which just opened this year, features a showcase floor, a merchandise floor and a collaboration cafe floor. The current theme cafe opened on May 9 and will only be there until the end of June, so Naruto fans had better get to Akihabara before it’s too late.

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The cafe has two special menus that will appeal to all fans. First is a round of specialty drinks based on some of the characters. Most of the popular characters from the series get their own drink, with the Akatsuki group and Sasuke’s Taka group also getting themed drinks. Each drink comes with one of six character stickers distributed at random.

▼ Surprisingly Kakashi’s Icha Icha drink does not require you to be of legal drinking age.

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There are also four special food items that were specifically designed for this Naruto cafe.

▼ The Mangekyo Sharingen pancake looks delicious.

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Ordering any food item, even from the normal non-themed menu, will get you a special Naruto paper place mat and one of the aforementioned stickers.

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▼As a special bonus, sometimes the characters themselves stop by!

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For those who want even more special merchandise, make sure to stop on the third floor on your way out. Anime Plaza will be selling special Naruto key chains and pins during the time the Naruto cafe is open.

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Another new Naruto movie is being released in August of this year, so until then fans can relax and enjoy ninja food with ninja drinks at this comfortable cafe in Akihabara.

Source: Anime Plaza
Images: Anime Plaza