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With less than four months to go until the film’s premiere, more and more information is trickling out about Boruto –Naruto the Movie-. Just last week, the voice cast was announced for the latest installment in the smash hit manga/anime ninja saga, and it turns out we didn’t have to wait long for lead performer Yuko Sanpei show her skills, as the newest teaser for the movie lets us hear the voice of Naruto’s son.

Young Boruto’s isn’t the only voice in the trailer, though. As a matter of fact, it opens with a solemn-sounding narrator, speaking of a great conflict in times past, which was brought to a conclusion through the actions of a heroic ninja who’s now known as the Seventh Hokage.

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This bit of shinobi history holds no interest to Boruto, though, who quickly cuts off the voice-over recap of his own father’s exploits with, “This is so boring, you shitty old man! I’ll change the world!”

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The franchise’s new leading man leaps through the air and twirls towards the camera, dressed in a stealthier-looking ninja outfit than his dad’s unorthodox orange duds. But even if fashion sense doesn’t run in the family, confidence apparently does, as Boruto lets us all know “I’m not in the mood to lose.”

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He doesn’t tell us just who or what he’s determined not to get beat by, but we’re guessing it’s going to be something pretty incredible, since the trailer ends with a message from Naurto creator Masashi Kishimoto, who says this about the upcoming movie:

“There’s no way I can top this.”

Boruto –Naruto the Movie opens at theaters in Japan on August 7.

Source: Boruto –Naruto the Movie official website (h/t Kotaku U.S.A.)
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