With the recent announcement of a Final Fantasy VII remake, gamers are already starting to imagine which parts from the RPG classic will be making the trip to the PlayStation 4. While they haven’t been officially announced, we’ll probably once again see the scene where Sephiroth flashes video gaming’s most memorable stink eye in front of a fiery backdrop, the moment when Cloud and childhood friend Tifa share a heart-to-heart talk in a starlit playground, and also that one part where the spikey-haired hero wades into the water holding Aerith (I think he was trying to teach her to swim or something, but I don’t remember exactly).

But while none of those have been officially confirmed for the new game, there is one thing director Tetsuya Nomura has made clear. The part where the main character dresses up as a woman to infiltrate a brothel? Totally going to be in the new Final Fantasy VII.

Following the reveal of the remake, Nomura sat down for an interview with the press, presumably after a lengthy wait for the applause/worldwide hyperventilating to die down. Some had speculated the decision to finally remake Final Fantasy VII was a mea culpa from Square Enix regarding the almost universal disappointment generated by a previous announcement that the PC version of the game, which is nearly identical to the PlayStation original, would be ported to the PlayStation 4. The character designer-turned-director put that rumor to rest, though, saying that work on the remake was already underway by the time the PC-to-PS 4 port’s existence was made public.

Nomura also asserts that the remake is not going to be some hastily slapped-together nostalgia-reliant cash grab that just dumps in prettier visuals. “If all we do is make graphical updates in keeping with the new generation of consoles, I don’t think we’ll be able to surpass the original version,” he explained. Nomura isn’t currently in a position to go into details, but said that even returning scriptwriter Kazushige Nojima is putting extra effort into reworking the game.

▼ So will Aerith learn the backstroke this time?

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Unfortunately, it looks like it’s going to be a long wait until we get much in the way of specifics. Nomura mused we shouldn’t expect the next batch of information on the Final Fantasy VII remake until winter, and even then we might not learn much more than the game’s official title. Still, he did provide one tidbit when asked if once again Cloud will be dressing up in drag to sneak into a den of sin in Wall Market, Midgar’s red light district.

“Please look forward to it,” he promised.

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