Japanese kimono come in countless designs and colours, but it’s often the elegant obi  (sash) that takes centre stage. Whether it’s colourful or subdued, simply tied or intricately folded, the sash is more than just a way to tie the outfit together; it’s the element that lets you show off a bit of your personality in an otherwise restrictive garment.

So what better way for kimono-wearing cat lovers to draw some attention to their wardrobe than with an adorably folded feline? And with such a variety to choose from, there’s bound to be a kitten that’s purr-fect for you!

This unique design, sold in limited numbers by Highcalory Otome, features a wide-eyed cat with cleverly folded ears. There’s even a stylised Meow for kitty’s greeting.

▼ Mice scatter and birds fly for the hills when this cat’s got your back.


The front of the obi features one of two designs: a proud “I love cat” proclamation, complete with show ribbon or another cat face for those who don’t mind strangers petting their belly.



▼ For a more formal look, why not try an obi featuring curious cats enjoying the wonders of a rose and a butterfly in flight?


Source: Yamato Co., Ltd

▼  This luscious golden obi brings us a contemplative puss amongst fallen cherry blossoms.


Source: Kimonoasob

▼ Playful kitties go adorably well with patchwork and stripes.


Source: Kimono Hitotoki


Source: Kimono Nagoya

This black cat about to cross your path comes pre-folded so all you have to do is hook the head into the sash for a polished look.


Source: Nico Antique

▼ These unique cats look like they’d enjoy a visit to a gallery exhibition.


Source: アンティーク着物屋

▼ It’s beautiful sashes like these that steal the hearts of passers-by.

obi7Source: Immortal Geisha

Who knew cats could dress up an outfit so beautifully? We’re sure the cats themselves did. And to top it all off, they’ve managed to get a free ride on our backs too!

Source: Tokyo Sangyo Shimbunsha
Featured Image: Highcalory Otome