In Yoyogi, Tokyo, there stands an unnamed sushi shop which sells impressively crafted sushi at rock-bottom prices. It’s a fairly new restaurant, known to locals as “The Sushi Shop With No Name” or “That Sushi Shop That Still Doesn’t Have A Name.”

To us, it became known as “The Place That Serves Yellowtail Sushi For Only 10 Yen (US$0.08) A Piece!” Granted, that’s not the catchiest of names, especially with the conversion to US dollars, but it’s definitely enticing.

And so, our resident sushi expert Mr. Sato set out to find this shop with no name and see if their quality also makes this a place worth visiting.

The shop can be found outside from the west exit of JR Yoyogi Station. You’ll be able to find it by the lack of any name written on the storefront. There’s just a curtain on the door that reads “Sushi.”

You might also spot it by the several sheets of colored A4 paper with the menu written on them in marker.

Among those papers was one that read “Yellowtail 10 yen” which was more surprising to Mr. Sato than the lack of any name. “10 yen?! How can they do business like this?” he thought. But then noticed the catch: All patrons are required to buy a drink as well.

▼ Today’s Super Special: Yellowtail -10 yen per piece

That actually wasn’t really much of a catch, as Mr. Sato would have happily bought a drink anyway. He went in and immediately ordered 10 pieces of yellowtail for a total of 100 yen ($0.81) along with his mandatory drink.

Then out came the fish! The place might be dirt-cheap, but the portions were well-sized, and it tasted great; easily on par with the kind of sushi that you can buy at conveyor belt sushi chains for 100 yen a piece.

But then Mr. Sato began to feel a pang of guilt. This was too cheap of a price for what he was getting, he thought, so he ordered some more sushi at regular prices. That would restore the balance of his bill to something more reasonable.

▼ Inari sushi 30 yen ($0.24); egg 70 yen ($0.57) per piece

▼ Salmon roe 230 yen ($1.86); shrimp 180 yen ($1.46); squid 80 yen ($0.64); mackerel 120 yen ($0.97) per piece

If having no name and sushi for 10 yen weren’t unique enough, this shop is also has another business operating inside it; when you order the drink, it actually comes from another shop that has some kind of symbiotic relationship with this place. How’s that for teamwork?

The shop with no name has only been open for two or three months and the owners hope to expand their business hours since at the moment they are only open from 5:30pm. They will also probably settle on a moniker at some point, but for now, we’ll just call it a great place to get cheap sushi.

Shop Information

Name: ???
Address: 1-35-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya, Tokyo
Hours: 5:30pm until people stop buying food from them

▼ “Today’s Super Speical requires a drink order”

▼ They also have surprisingly good fried corn!

Original article by Mr. Sato
Photos © RocketNews24

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