The beautifully lonely building in Shinkai’s Weathering with You? It’s a real place in Tokyo

We’ve visited the real-world location for the pivotal scene in the anime event of the summer, but it’s about to disappear forever.

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Knife-wielding man barricades himself in Tokyo pub rather than pay bill, fires fireworks at city

A festive way to kill time while you wait for the cops to come arrest you.

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Beautiful burger topped with a whole apple is one of trendy Tokyo’s best-looking sandwiches

Sure anyone can plonk an apple on a hamburger, but can they make it taste as sweet as it looks?

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Sushi shop in Tokyo has no name, passes savings on to you with 10-yen sushi!

In Yoyogi, Tokyo, there stands an unnamed sushi shop which sells impressively crafted sushi at rock-bottom prices. It’s a fairly new restaurant, known to locals as “The Sushi Shop With No Name” or “That Sushi Shop That Still Doesn’t Have A Name.”

To us, it became known as “The Place That Serves Yellowtail Sushi For Only 10 Yen (US$0.08) A Piece!” Granted, that’s not the catchiest of names, especially with the conversion to US dollars, but it’s definitely enticing.

And so, our resident sushi expert Mr. Sato set out to find this shop with no name and see if their quality also makes this a place worth visiting.

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