Keep your kitty close, cool, and comfy with this cat-pouch hoodie that makes room for ice packs!

From the makers of the sweatshirt with a built-in pouch for cats comes the “Summer Mewgaroo Hoodie” hitting stores on June 22 – you guessed it – just in time for summer.

The Summer Mewgaroo is a sleeveless hoodie with a pocket in the stomach region, which seems like a fairly legit spot for a human, and will have you carrying your cat in your very own pouch in no time.

▼ Watch the Mewgaroo Hoodie do its Finest Work!

The Mewgaroo series, brought to you by UNIHABITAT (ユニハビタット), also includes the long-sleeve sweatshirt, the “bad cat” onepiece, and the TV anime “Osomatsu San” collaboration sweater, all having the special cat-carrying pouch feature for you to snuggle up with the beloved cat of your choice.

The hoodie is made from 100% double-knit cotton, a strong but light material perfect for summer, and smooth enough for minimal claw catching.

▼ Holding cats will be a breeze with the new Summer Mewgaroo Hoodie!

The pouch can hold up to three 2-liter PET bottles worth of cat at a weight of 7 kilograms, and can be detached to share Felix with your best friends.


And if that’s not enough there are pompom cords to play with while simultaneously remaining cool with your kitty.

▼ Insert ice packs for extra coolness!


You can purchase the “Summer Mewgaroo Hoodie” for 4,860 yen (US$46) on Amazon Japan. The product isn’t available for international shipping, so you’ll need to use a reshipping service if you live outside the country.

Alternatively, you can buy the “Summer Mewgaroo hoodie” in person at the cat loving fair Nyandarake at the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center (East) on July 23, 24.

Fair Information
Address: Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center (East)
2-6-5 Hanakawado, Taitoku, Tokyo 111-0033
〒111-0033 東京都台東区花川戸2−6−5
Tickets: 800 yen (advance), 1,000 yen (day of)
Hours: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Saturday) & 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Sunday)
Days: July 23 (Saturday) and 24 (Sunday)

Source: UNIHABITAT, Kai-you