Everyone knows that cats love boxes. It’s pretty much a universal trait amongst members of the feline persuasion. But it turns out that cats love playing with bags, too! Plastic, paper, whatever, these kitties don’t care, they just want to grab themselves a piece of the action, either by lounging around in bags or by sitting in them as they hang from hooks and doorhandles!

Enjoy this gallery of playful pussycats all bagged up!

Our first bag of furry fun is this kitty whose owner allegedly came home to find him nowhere in sight. Eventually, he was located—hanging loose in a plastic bag they’d left on the wall!

▼ “Peekaboo! Did I scare you?”

▼ “Okay, I’ve had my fun. Now help me get out.”

▼ “Come on, lend a paw! Don’t leave me dangling!”

▼ This gorgeous feline’s found the perfect napping spot inside a paper carrier.

▼ This puss is enjoying the benefits of a plastic bag hammock, lovingly rocked by its human!

▼ Nakku may be getting on in years, but still proves you’re never too old for some kittenish fun!


▼ This beautiful tiger baby’s all wrapped up in a plastic cocoon!


▼ “Yes, human? Did you want something?”


▼ This tweeter writes that they visited a friend’s house and the resident kitty hopped into the bag they’d brought. Perhaps puss wants a new home!

▼ This pet-owner keeps a stash of rolled-up plastic bags inside a plastic bag. For some reason, there’s a kitty in there, too.


▼ Surely it can’t be much more comfortable than the floor, can it?


▼ No! You’re dropping hairs all over the fries!

▼ It’s like a cosy cat cave for one!


▼ “You monster! You didn’t leave me any chicken nuggets!”

▼ A large shopping bag is the perfect place to plot diabolical schemes.

▼ This black beauty’s enjoying himself with some bag time.

▼ “White cat, black bag. They’ll never find me!”

▼ We’re glad this bag is see-through, because those stripes are gorgeous!


▼ Kitty’s first bag discovery!

▼ “Carry me to the kitchen, human!”


▼ So, why do cats like bags so much? We reckon it’s a combination of natural curiosity (what could be inside?!) plus an attraction to the interesting rustling sounds bags make. This kitty can’t get enough!


▼ Finally, here’s our editor’s own furry little buddy, not quite getting the hang of the whole bag thing but seemingly having quite a nice time all the same.

sugarbag copy

Since we here at RocketNews24 take feline welfare very seriously, we remind our readers to be careful never to leave kitties unattended near plastic bags because of the risk of suffocation. Play safe with your feline!

Source: Togech
Featured image: Twitter/@yu_ki_kun_1