An energetic cat can sometimes seem less like a fuzzy animal and more like a spring bouncing wildly around the house. Fortunately, not every cat is so hyperactive, but there certainly plenty that are — and they love attention too! But nothing shows the dichotomy of excitable kitties and lazy cats like these tweets of one Twitter user’s adorable rescue cats.

The adorable springy white cat pictured above is Miruko, one of @ccchisa76‘s four rescue cats. The lazy feline trying hard to nap is named Ushio, one of the first two cats she rescued in 2012.

“Miruko is bouncing all around the lazing Ucchan, as if begging him to play. It’s like a little kid pestering his father on the weekend.”

To be fair, it seems like Miruko, whom @ccchisa76’s husband found in the parking lot at work around the end of August, is the youngest of the group. When the white cat was found, he was so dirty he looked brown!

Even though they already had three rescues, @ccchisa76’s husband simply couldn’t leave Miruko where he was and brought the young cat home. While some cats have trouble getting along with others in new environments, the photos of Miruko leaping up and down were taken only a few weeks after the cat was brought home. He apparently started jumping around after becoming friendly with the other cats…and hasn’t really stopped since!

As you may expect, Miruko is a big hit online, and his photos have gotten plenty of comments.

“All that jumping is amazing!”
“I saw these photos in the morning, and it put me in a good mood.”
“This is what it means to be peppy!”
“He’s jumping so much…”
“Are you sure that’s not a rabbit in cat’s clothes? Maybe if you check his back, you’ll find a zipper or something…”

Hmmm…rabbits invading our homes by dressing as cats. That’s just about the cutest thing we’ve ever heard. Studio Ghibli should definitely make a movie about that! In the mean time, you’ll just have to enjoy these photos of Miruko leaping around.

▼ Miruko leaps for joy! Ushio just lies on the ground content.

▼ Miruko almost looks like an angel flying backwards here…

▼ Another rescue cat, name Peach

▼ Peach getting bored with Miruko’s jumping

▼ The first photos of Miruko after he was found in a parking lot.

▼ Miruko in a moment of not jumping around.

If you’re feeling moved to rescue a cat yourself and you live in Japan, be sure to head down to Neco Republic and see if you fall in love. We’d be surprised if you didn’t!

Source, top image: Twitter/@ccchisa76
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