Various areas across northeast Japan have been struggling to cope with the massive amounts of rainfall that have led to flooding and landslides. The scenes of destruction have dominated the news in the past week leaving many concerned about their fellow citizens, friends, and family in the region.

However, one young woman in the area found a little message of hope from an unlikely ally, a crayfish standing tall in the middle of a flooded road with its claws raised to the sky and refusing to back down.

The images were taken by Twitter user @Fuuut_09 who was on her way home when she spotted a lone figure in the distance.

She moved closer and closer taking photos but the creature simply stood its ground.

“When I found the crayfish, I took a picture thinking it was interesting. But I knew that this pose was a threatening one. It was trying to protect its own life at all costs. Even for them in their small bodies, every day must be a struggle. I must be more like then.”

Many where charmed by this crayfish’s show of defiance.

“It’s kind of cute.”
“It looks pretty pissed.”
“That’s quite a good picture.”
“Very moving!”
“He’s stopping the rain early with his powers!”
“That cheered me up a little.”
“That little guy is too cool. I teared up a little looking at it.”

Others compared the cray fish to Willem Dafoe’s classic death scene while being chased down by an entire squadron of North Vietnam soldiers in the movie Platoon. Some also thought it resembled Dragon Ball‘s Goku summoning up a large spirit bomb during his epic fight against Freeza. Both are characters famous for  standing their ground in the face of adversity.

Perhaps we should all follow @Fuuut_09’s lead and try to be a little more like this crayfish standing strong and remaining fierce in the face of whatever threatens us, be it flood waters or giant teenage girls with cameras.

Source: Twitter/@Fuuut_09 via Itai News (Japanese)