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The miniature toy market is huge in Japan. From tiny Hello Kitty baked goods to pint-sized supermarket items and even scaled-down Japanese-style rooms filled with traditional furnishings, you don’t have to be a child with a doll-house to delve into the world of miniature here in Japan.

Adults have become so transfixed with all the adorable items on the market that there are a number of YouTube channels purely dedicated to the art of petite cooking, using everything from tiny utensils to working miniature ovens.

One of the latest videos to appear takes us through the sushi-making process, transporting us to a tiny world that viewers say is so calming it can cure all types of stress and anxiety. Watching this short clip will be the best few minutes of your day!

If you enjoy cooking shows, this is one that has it all: mouth-watering close-ups, attention to detail and one pair of very steady, dexterous hands. The video starts with the washing and preparation of rice and then the entire sushi-making process is faithfully recreated, only in mini doll-house form.

▼ The rice is boiled in a tiny pot atop a working oven!


Check out the short video below.

Miniature Space, the creators of the video, have made a number of short clips, each one featuring utensils which were bought in Japan. They set themselves apart from the competition by consistently creating edible dishes rather than fake, inedible ones made from pre-made packets.

If you’re feeling particularly stressed, feel free to binge-watch more of their videos – you’ll be reducing stress and it won’t cost you any calories!

Source, screenshots: YouTube/Miniature Space