At this point, we’re not even sure we can even call it “bite-size!”

We’ve seen the tiny delectables produced by the expert miniatures cooking YouTube channel Miniature Space before, but they never cease to amaze! How can they create food that looks this appetizing when it’s this freaking tiny?! We can barely cook for ourselves with regular-sized utensils, let alone trying to manipulate tiny knives and portions fit for a hamster on a diet.

But for Miniature Space, this is just another day of tasty fun! So, what’s on the menu this time? How about some tiny chirashi sushi, minuscule okonomiyaki, and miniature boiled tofu? That sounds both delicious and…well, not at all filling.

▼ Chirashi sushi, or “scattered sushi,” is a bit easier to make than sushi rolls.

▼ Okonomiyaki is a kid favorite in Japan, but the serving might be too small for them!

▼ You don’t have to be a vegetarian to find this boiled tofu appetizing.

For our money, the best part of these videos is the tiny dicing with a tiny knife. It’d almost be easier to train rats to do your cooking for you, we reckon, but we applaud the deft use of such shrunken kitchenware.

Now, if you’re feeling a bit peckish after all these videos of delicious-looking but tiny food, you might want to stop by the newly renovated Yoshinoya in Ebisu. Not only are the portions large enough to statisfy your appetite, the interior is even inviting. The world truly is going mad, isn’t it?

Sources: YouTube/Miniature Space via Grape
Featured image: YouTube/Miniature Space