These feline additions to your kitchen are purrr-fect for cat lovers.

Cat lovers will no doubt derive much enjoyment out of this carefully designed “Nyammy” series of stylish kitchen utensils available at online Japanese novelty retailer Village Vanguard.

Perhaps the cutest of them all is a general-purpose, non-stick coated kitchen knife (2,376 yen, US$21) that comes with a line of cat paw prints up its side. The prints are placed at one centimeter (0.39 inch) increments, which can come in handy when you need to do rough measurements.

Like its larger counterpart, the fruit knife (1,296 yen) received the paw print treatment as well.

There’s even a pair of scissors (2,160 yen) with tiny cat ears attached to the handles. The plastic case that comes with it has a magnet attached to the rear, allowing you to stick it on your fridge door for extra convenience.

Next is a fruit and vegetable peeler (918 yen) that comes with a neat feline cover.

▼ Even the graters at the rear are adorable.

Whether you are slicing or grating your vegetables, this practical multi-purr-pose slicer (756 yen) will have you smiling with joy.

Last but not least is a rice scoop (432 yen) shaped like a cat’s paw.

All of the items are available online at Village Vanguard.

And if you really want to proclaim your love for all things cats to your guests, then you may want to add some cat-themed appliances and cat-themed toilet paper to your order too. Who says you need actual cats to be a crazy cat lady?

Source: Village Vanguard via PR Times
Images: PR Times