Perhaps the best thing to come out of the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. is the all-new Super Mario Maker. Released just last week on September 11, the game aims to bring the original level-making tool used by programmers at Nintendo to all audiences.

Not only has the new release encouraged Shigeru Miyamoto, the mastermind behind Mario, to speak about how the beginning of the original NES game was created, it’s also given fans the opportunity to hear Miyamoto answer questions about the Mario world fans have been dying to know for 30 years.

Just a day before the release of Super Mario Maker, the official Nintendo UK YouTube Channel surprised fans with an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, who was more than happy to put to rest some of the rumors floating around the gaming community and answer questions from fans.

Here’s a quick list:

1- Often thought to be a myth, Mario really was named after a former Nintendo of America warehouse landlord named Mario Segale.


2- Mario breaks blocks with his fist, not his head.

3- However it may look, on the original Super Mario Bros. box, Mario isn’t about to lose a life.

4- Super Mario 3 was all just a performance!

5- Bob-ombs don’t turn into Boos when they perish. Maybe they just go directly to Nintendo heaven??

6- Miyamoto wouldn’t let Dr. Mario operate on him. I guess that means Dr. Mario isn’t a real doctor.

7- Miyamoto hasn’t included any of his own courses in Super Mario Maker yet, but plans to in the future!

8- Miyamoto is Bowser’ Jr.’s mother. (Unfortunately Thankfully, he didn’t go into detail about how this happened.)


Considering the disappointment fans felt over Nintendo announcing they would delete unpopular Mario Maker courses and keep all rights to any course uploaded by players, having Miyamoto address some of the oldest questions and myths surrounding the franchise seems like a good move.

If you could ask Miyamoto any question about Mario, what would it be? Let us know!

Source:  YouTube/Nintendo UK via Netorabo, YouTube/starman3
Feature/top image: YouTube/Nintendo UK

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