You might recall the PlayStation Vita release Tearaway, an adventure game in which players control a messenger on a mission to deliver a letter to themselves. The game, set in a world made entirely of paper, was widely praised by critics and won a number of awards.

Originally released on the PlayStation Vita, Sony’s handheld game system, Tearaway has received a remake for the PlayStation 4, titled Tearaway Unfolded. In the lead up to the October Japanese release date (the game is available in the US now), Sony has produced an absurd-but-awesome commercial to foster excitement among fans. The unusual trailer, which breaks away from many of the typical tropes of game launch videos, has received significant attention online. And we have a feeling it’ll put a smile on your face, too!

Despite the bored expression the star of the ad (pictured below) wears on her face throughout the commercial, the game looks like it will be quite exciting!

▼ Who can look bored wearing a safari outfit anyway?!


As serious and unexpected as the stoic middle-aged star of the video is, the promo is incredibly endearing. The trailer transports the viewer into the action-packed paper-constructed world of Tearaway, showing the lead character attempting to avoid obstacles and enemies to deliver an important letter…to the player!

action game

The original Tearaway game was a huge hit with children and adults alike, thanks to its creativity, originality and charming animation. The revamped game is now more interactive than ever, taking advantage of the PlayStation 4 control pad and featuring new moves via the touch pad and motion sensors. The new controls bring a truly unique “feel” and experience to the game.

Here are the some exciting enhancements you can expect in Tearaway Unfolded:

▼Motion sensor

motion sensor

▼Touch pad

touch pad

▼ Light barlight

We’re not sure which we’re more excited about — the actual PS4 release or the promo. Either way, you’ll definitely want to check out the commercial yourself!

Now the only question is: Will Japanese fans be able to get that jingle out of their heads before the remake is released?!

Source: YouTube/PlayStation Japan via Kotaku US
Images: YouTube/PlayStation Japan