Calbee’s Jagariko is among the tastiest snacks in Japan, if you ask us. The little cups of potato sticks come in a variety of flavors, including cheese, butter, and salad. There are also some seasonal flavors, like yuzu-shio, or yuzu and salt, available now! If you haven’t tried Jagariko yet, this is definitely a great introduction to one of the best snacks in Japan!


Somewhere between potato chips and French fries, Jagariko is one of our favorite Japanese snacks. They’re not exactly healthy, but they also don’t leave you feeling gross, like after eating a giant bag of popcorn. And the mascot is a giraffe, so bonus points!

▼ And one container is only 258 calories!


The new yuzu (a type of Japanese citrus fruit) and salt flavor, like most Jagariko flavors, isn’t particularly strong, especially if you’re from a country like the US where so many snack foods are pumped full of flavor. Still, the potato sticks are delicious, and the citrus/salt flavor rests in your mouth after you’ve munched on a few, filling it with a subtle yet delicious tropical flavor with a hint of salt.

▼ “Eat me!”


It might seem odd to offer a citrus product just as summer is ending and autumn is creeping in, but yuzu isn’t exclusively a summer food in Japan. In fact, you can find it in some nabe (hot pots) towards the end of the year, and since the fruit keeps well, you can find supplies from the harvest throughout the year. Besides, it’s still warm enough to enjoy some tasty yuzu and salt Jagariko!

▼ “Hey, stranger. Wanna come over and put us in your mouth?”


As we mentioned, the yuzu-shio flavor is for a limited time only. You can find them on your local convenience store shelves from now until the middle of January, so there’s still plenty of time to grab a package and fill your mouth with citrusy delight!

▼ “Oh, my! It looks like I’ve spilled all over!”


In addition to tasting great, you can also use Jagariko to build stuff. You probably wouldn’t want to leave them out where the ants or mice could get to them, but with a bit of glue, they might work as well as Lincoln Logs. And who can say no to a food you can play with?!

▼ More fun than a day at the tax office!


Yuzu-shio Jagariko retail for around 160 yen (US$1.30). They are available now at convenience stores and will be available elsewhere from September 28.

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