*** The following was written by our chip-loving Japanese reporter equipped with a fighting spirit and an English dictionary. Please enjoy her top ten ranking of the best potato chips in Japan. ***

What is your favorite potato chips? Lay’s classic? Ruffles BBQ? Or Pringles hot & spicy? You might stick to your favorite one for refreshment, but when you get a little tired of it and feel like to have something Japanese you can try our recommendation.

Here is the ultimate ranking of potato chips in Japan (on RocketNews24 English’s own judgment). We tried to choose unique and Japanese flavors as much as we can. Therefore, the ranking does not include something standard like just salt, classic…etc. We hope you have a chance to try all the snacks here and put some of them on your favorite chips list!

10. Shuwa-Shuwa Cola Flavored Corn Snack (“shuwa-shuwa” is for fizzy in Japanese)

Okay, we admit this is not potato chips. But we cannot help listing this because actually we really get surprised and curious when it comes to the market in July 2013 from Japan Frito-Lay.

The corn snack collaborated with Pepsi tastes like cola first, then bit salty. You can also feel fizzy on your tongue just like when you drink soda.


For your information, the company already stopped manufacturing this fizzy corn snack in September. The reason has not been mentioned, but they just might realize that it is better to have snacks and cola separately.

9. Kata-age Potato Aburi-Mentaiko Flavor
This can be translated as “hard fried potato with broiled walleye pollack roe flavor”. Mentaiko is fish roe seasoned with salt and hot pepper, which is commonly going with rice in Japan.


This flavor may not be for everyone. However, if you are adventurous for any food, it is worth trying. And for adults, it goes quite good with beer!

8. Suppa-Mucho Premium Ponzu Flavor (“suppa” is for sour)

Ponzu is citrus seasoned soy sauce dressing. If you are a salt and vinegar lover, you will definitely love this too. The citrus smell sharpens your appetite.


7. Potato Chips Soy Sauce & Mayo

Soy sauce and mayo never go wrong. This flavor could be for anybody loves chips.


6. Kara-Mucho Hot Chili Flavor (“kara” is for spicy)

This is one of the long seller chips in Japan. Kara-Mucho is loved by kids and adults, though it is a little too hot for some younger kids.


5. Potato Chips Ume Flavor

Ume is also called as Umeboshi, which is a pickled plum. This flavor comes with sour taste and good smell of plum.


4. Pizza Potato

However you may have potato chips with pizza flavor in your country, this Japanese snack can still impress you with its cheese. Pizza Potato is not only pizza flavored but topped with real cheese (Cheddar and Emmental). This is definitely for cheese lover.


3. Wasabeef

As you can guess from its name, this is wasabi and beef flavor. It is a marvelous invention as once you have it you will notice that wasabi goes quite well with many things, not only sushi and sashimi. If you cannot get Wasabeef in your supermarket, we recommend you to have your beef steak with wasabi and salt or soy sauce.


2. Jagariko Potato & Butter Flavor

Jagariko is not chips. It is a potato made snack with absolutely nice texture. It might be better expressed with word “crunchy” than “crispy”. Jagariko has other flavors like cheese, salad, and some seasonal ones.


1. Potato Chips Nori-Shio Flavor

This is our No.1. Nori-Shio is a long seller loved by so many fans in Japan. Nori is seaweed and Shio is salt, that is seaweed-salt flavor. It is simple but never-get-tired taste.


Which potato chips has got your attention most?

Photos:Kie Yoshikuni