Following last year’s wildly popular potato chips collaboration product, Calbee and KFC are back again to ring in the new year with round two. Introducing new Colonel Crispy Chicken flavored potato chips!

After last year’s successful salt ginger chicken flavored potato chip experiment, Japan’s Calbee Corporation and KFC are teaming up again to bring you their second collaboration: Colonel Crispy Chicken flavored potato chips. The product will begin to be sold on January 6, 2014 in convenience stores across Japan, and on January 13 in other stores for a limited time only.

This new flavor is based on the Japanese original Colonel Crispy Chicken recipe that can be found year-round in KFC Japan stores. A long-selling staple since 1998, it’s described as crispy, boneless, and skinless chicken with a hint of garlic and soy sauce. The KFC Corporation assures us that they are personally supervising the development of the new product to ensure that the authentic chicken flavor will transfer to the potato chips.

▼ The original Colonel Crispy chicken


The familiar logo of Colonel Sanders will adorn each package of the new potato chips along with a Calbee x KFC collaboration mark. Furthermore, on the back of the package, you’ll receive a discount coupon to be used for Colonel Crispy Chicken at any KFC Japan store! Not bad marketing, huh?

Well, what do you think, readers? Will these new chips live up to the hype?

Sources: Calbee, Netorabo
Images: Calbee, KFC Japan